The objective A Non-To...
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The objective A Non-Toxic Environment

- one of Sweden's 16 environmental quality objectives

Symbol of a non-toxic environment.
Illustration: Tobias Flygar

The environment must be free from man-made or extracted compounds and metals that represent a threat to human health or biological diversity.

The overall goal is that, one generation from now, the major environmental problems currently facing us will have been solved.

The Swedish Parliament has decided on more detailed specification and on six interim targets for A Non-Toxic Environment.


Follow-up, evaluation, co-ordination and indicators

Municipalities, county administrative boards and responsible central agencies take part in work on the environmental objectives. As the agency responsible for the environmental quality objective, the Swedish Chemicals Agency has to work for development towards A Non-Toxic Environment and co-ordinate work on the environmental objective.

An in-depth evaluation is made once every four years, with proposals to the Government. A follow-up of A Non-Toxic Environment and the other environmental objectives is made to the Government and Parliament once a year. Indicators are used as aids in the follow-up.

Working for A Non-Toxic Environment: a shared responsibility

Everyone concerned needs to take their share of the responsibility if A Non-Toxic Environment is to be achieved. Enterprises, operators, authorities and consumers can make important contributions.

We need:

  • Better knowledge of the impact of chemical substances on the environment and health. 
  • Better information on the chemical substances we use.
  • To get away from the use of particularly hazardous substances. 
  • To handle chemical substances more safely.